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Linore Rose Burkard is the author of Inspirational Christian Fiction

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Dress Like Jane Austen, Part One

Ever been to a costume ball? How about a REGENCY ERA costume ball! Check out my monthly post on Heroes, Heroines and History to see awesome pictures of an actual event. My hat is off to the creative people who, in many cases, crafted their own beautiful costume.

FOR EVEN MORE Regency costume fun check out Part One of the post. You'll love the craftsmanship.

Can't get enough of the Regency? See even more costume pics (those that didn't make it into the blog posts) in my Illustrations of the Month on the calendar page (Just scroll down)<

Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale [A Romantic Intrigue from the Days of Charles II]
is now available on NOOK, SONY, EPUB and more via Smashwords. It's still at a low price of only $1.49

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