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Welcome to my Site. I write historical romance as Linore Rose Burkard, and YA Suspense as L.R.Burkard.

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Take a look at my debut YA Suspense release, PULSE.


I'll always write sweet romance with my full name, Linore Rose Burkard. For my YA Suspense, I'll write as L.R., so you'll always know at a glance what type of book it is. For a complete description of PULSE, check it out at my companion website or on Amazon



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I write a monthly column for Heroes, Heroines and History

The HHH blog is for history lovers, readers, teachers--ANYONE. (Anyone who enjoys learning more about the past, that is.) Written by a group of historical romance writers who are passionate about their subjects, subscribe and get a daily tidbit of stuff you never knew before. For a sample, see my recent post on "Jane Austen Fun" .

I also write a monthly column for Novel Rocket.

Novel Rocket is a writing blog, about writing and the writing life, for writers, by writers. My post runs the first Wednesday of the month. Last month's topic was "Watch Out for Those Philistines!". (What do Philistines have to do with writing? Read the post to find out!)

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Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale [A Romantic Intrigue from the Days of Charles II] is now available on NOOK, SONY, EPUB and more via Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale [A Romantic Intrigue from the Days of Charles II]

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