Linore accepts a small number of speaking engagements each year as time (between writing and homeschooling) permits.

What People Say About Linore's Workshops:

I have to say ~ you are impressive! So organized and you offer such great information. I've yet to dig into some of it, but what I've seen appears so helpful and on target. And the spreadsheet? As I said ~ organized and helpful. You have my great gratitude as the marketing area of this business is my weak spot. Mary Kay Moody, Author

For anyone who has attended Linore's teaching [or who would like to] she is GREAT. I'm reading her handouts from Y-City Writer's Conf for the 4th time and I still marvel at her incredible resources. (She) is AWESOME!
Tiffany Colter, The Writing Career Coach

I thought Linore was easy to understand, took enough time with each point, and developed her concepts very nicely. In fact, I would love to have her speak on how to launch a book.
Kerry McAvoy, Author

I can't thank you enough for your webinar and for getting me to be more active in promoting my work. I appreciate very much the ... search tips for Facebook. Just this week I've become part of two baking groups: Pie Nation and Food52 cookbook club. I'll be posting regularly as well as on my baking blog. Your webinar was just the jump start I needed!
Greg Patent, The Baking Wizard

I want you to know how much I enjoyed your lecture. You truly patched up the holes for me in regard to Jane’s clergy characters always being such bumbling idiots, or insincere and mean-spirited. That always bothered me, because I know I had read that she was a religious person, and I wondered why she would portray religion in such a negative light. It is a breath of fresh air to have a religious view on Jane Austen, instead of an irreligious feminist one; which is too prevalent, in my opinion; so thank you for promoting that! Cynthia Beaver, Member of JASNA

What a great informative speaker you are! I learned so much from you when you spoke to our group in June--everyone who writes or wants to write should hear you speak. You are not only informative but encouraging as well! Kathryn Neff Perry

In my new venture, The Writing Mechanic Publishing Collective, I need to be able to assist my authors in setting up their own platforms in order to sell their books and build readership. Linore's webinar was a fantastic overview of information in that vein. She used a brilliant metaphor to explain all of the elements to an author platform, and I feel confident moving forward into my new venture with her basic plan for building an author platform in mind.
Kathrin Herr, The Writing Mechanic

Dear Linore, Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed hearing you speak at our meeting last night.Your insights and perspective on writing were so interesting that I learned alot. I loved that your purpose for writing is to touch hearts and change lives - the very words I pray often over my own scribblings! I felt connected to you from that point on!...Thank you for your time and for sowing into our lives. May yours be blessed abundantly as a result of the seeds of hope and inspiration you planted in ours!
Elaine Bridge, Writer's Group Member

What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your writing journey with us. The story of how the editor at Harvest House discovered you (because of your web presence)and which led to your multi-book contract SO inspired me. It's like a writing "Cinderella story"! I'm sure other writers would be inspired by it as well. Thank you for being truly inspirational. Blessings!
Tammy Ector Fisse

Linore, Thank you for facilitating an outstanding class. I wish you the very best."
Rosemary Letson,Loop Moderator, Regency Academe,
The Beau Monde Chapter of the RWA

"Excellent advice on marketing"
Lynda Schab, in The Examiner.Com

"I can see why you are successful with your marketing techniques. You are one of the nicest people I have met in cyberspace. All the best, Rosemary"

Wow, Linore!!! I am a fellow CAN author and feel like I learned more than I have in months from your one email on how to do blog tours...I am putting this in my file and will start working on contacts, etc...what I love is that you gave practical and tangible steps!!!!!!!! I feel like I have been working through murky fog in the realm of marketing!!! Thank you for clearing some of it away!~ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Becky Harling, International Author/Speaker

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What People Are Saying About Greater Harvest Workshops:

This was so wonderful, I can't wait for the next one! :)
Nicole Pellin Halloran, via Facebook

I wanted to thank you for presenting such great workshops on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet you and I learned much!
Workshop Participant

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