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          Forever Lovely
Regency Time Travel Romance

Sequel to Forever, Lately

Julian St. John and Miss Margaret arrive in present day New York for a one day visit. Chaos begins when the tallit doesn't cooperate and they can't get back to the past!

St. John is desperate to return before Claire gives birth to their first child. Miss Margaret meets a promising young man who sees her as more than what Regency society ever did; but he's on the run from killers in a mistaken identity case. 

Can they figure out a way to get back before the unthinkable happens? Or must they accept being stuck in the present and at risk from ruthless men?    


(Cover not final)

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A Titanic Love Story

Heather Fairchild and her betrothed , Terrence Barclay, flee England aboard the Titanic after he is wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn't commit.
But a pursuer follows them, a man determined to win Heather's hand and get Terrence back behind bars.

When the ship sinks, Heather's hopes and dreams seem lost forever. But some things endure. Some loves are unsinkable...Will theirs be one of them?

A Peek Inside: 
        Heather gathered her courage and looked back at the ship which was sitting at a dangerous angle in the water. What a terrible, unforgettable sight!  And Terry was still upon it, Terry, whose warm embrace she could almost feel, who should have been holding and comforting her right now during this senseless tragedy.  Wanting him hurt more than the frigid air or her frozen feet. If the women about her hadn’t prevented it, she would have jumped into the cold dark water. Better to die with Terrence, if that was God’s will, than to live a life without him. 
Oh, dear God. Please don’t let Terrence die! And all those poor men! Please save him, Lord! ...

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