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Seasons of Her Soul

by debut author Tammi Ector

Seasons of Her Soul

          Lee's Legacy: Book One

Contemporary Christian Women's Fiction/Second Chance Romance/domestic abuse/family issues

Author: Tammi Ector

Keywords: Domestic Violence, Women's Issues, Recovery, Second Chances, Love and Romance

Based on a true story...

If only a perfect wedding could ensure a perfect marriage. Second-chance love is Lee's only hope!


Lee Edwards never expected her fairy-tale wedding to go so wrong. With God in her life and college ahead, her future looked bright.  When handsome Todd Gallagher sweeps her off her feet, she enters a season of marriage that promises endless summer. But all too soon, fall arrives, as Todd's troubled, hidden past surfaces in irrational anger. Ending the fairy tale, violence sends Lee into a winter of the soul.  With no hope in sight, she must trust God to lead her through this dark season.  But when a second chance at love and happiness comes her way, can Lee ever trust again?  




Nook-Coming Soon
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