Stories like this one get me very excited for today's young adult reader!
DEENA PETERSON, Blogger, Reviewer

Andrea, Lexie and Sarah are ordinary teens until the day the world shut down.
In this chilling Christian YA tale, the girls and their families must develop faith and grit to survive.
But can they find the strength when society collapses and technology fails?

PULSE takes readers into a heart-pounding future for America, while affirming the power of faith in the darkest of times.


Doug Erlandson, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer
“Intense!” It's a great time to be a fan of YA novels! L.R.Burkard is back with the next tale in her dystopian series, and the bar of excellence is raised to new heights with this top-quality literary offering! 
Deena Peterson, Reviewer
Now that an EMP has sent the United States into a Dark Age, Andrea, Lexie and Sarah must survive despite the loss of technology, and threats of marauders. The appearance of FEMA camps might be reassuring except the military seems determined to force civilians into them. 
Those who've survived the first months since the PULSE are nearing the end of their resources or wits. Can the girls and their families muster the resilience not to succumb to the lure of the government camps or other dangers?


“Amazing Storytelling!” 
Angela L. Walsh, Publisher and Editor, Christian Library Journal
In this third installment of the PULSE EFFEX SERIES, foreign soldiers and fellow Americans gone rogue are just the beginning of what Andrea, Lexie, Sarah and other survivors must face. Beneath the threat of nuclear strikes and guerrilla armies, the girls long for a free country in which to live and  love. Survival means resistance must give way to defiance. But can ordinary teens and their families withstand powerful forces and keep hope alive?


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