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The Accidental Spy 

by Tom Rattray 

The Accidental Spy 


Christian Espionage/Adventure/Sea Adventure/Homeland Security

Author: Tom Rattray

Keywords: Terrorism, sailing, sea story, sea adventure, homeland security, media, Shipwreck, military, espionage, heroism

"Clean, action-packed read filled with unexpected twists and turns."
Midwest Book Review, D.Donovan, Senior Reviewer

Schoolteacher Phil Shepherd never dreamed of becoming a spy. Nukes and enemy subs were the furthest thing from his mind when he set sail off the Florida coast on a pleasure trip. But when a collision leaves him stranded, he hitches a ride with an unknown vessel, not knowing he's about to face an enemy with devastating plans against the U.S.!
Something must stop the heinous threat to the East Coast, but can one ordinary teacher devise a way before the unthinkable happens?



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