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ThreeFrenchHens BookCover

Three French Hens:

A Short Historical Romance


"Three French Hens" is the perfect introduction to this author for new readers, and a wonderful addition for existing fans. It has all the elements Linore's readers love:  characters that jump off the page, authentic period research, costume drama and of course, romance. Not to be missed." 
Teresa Slack, Author, Streams of Mercy

Young Mademoiselle Christine D'Ornay and her family have fled from France to England, seeking safety from the Revolution and “Madame La Guillotine." At her first Assembly ball, Christine meets the dashing and elegant Lord Russell. But the lives of French aristocrats are cheap in an age of betrayal, and Jacobites are on the prowl for blood. Can Christine and her family trust this new friend? Or is Lord Russell the enemy they fear most?


Three French Hens:2
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