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Where Faith, Hope and

Happy Endings Meet  

Welcome to my Drawing Room

Linore Rose Burkard

Rose-satin Drawing Room, Carlton House, from The History of the Royal Residences by WH Pyn

Christian Author, Speaker,

Wife, Mother, and Friend 

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A Regency man and woman holding hands

Newest Release!

FOREVER Lovely ebook award cover

The exciting sequel to Forever, Lately! 


Forever in Time, Book Two

When Miss Margaret Andrews travels to the future to find her missing sister, she never expected to find true love. In 1819 England, Margaret is a bluestocking with dreams of becoming an inventress, but when the Tallit, a magical time-travel shawl, goes awry she finds herself stranded in 21st Century Manhattan. At a Jane Austen conference, she meets Stewart Russell, a grad student studying early British female writers.

Stewart is immediately taken with Margaret and her effortless use of the speech and manners of Jane's day—until she claims to be FROM Jane's day! Worse, due to a mix-up, he is a wanted man and the clock is ticking. Margaret must find a way to get them both back to 1819—before the unthinkable happens.

f you enjoyed the time-travel romance of Outlander, then you'll love Margret and Stewart's story in Forever Lovely. Buy now before the price changes!


Forever, Lately Time Travel Romance book cover


Linore Rose Burkard

Winner of Readers' Favorite Award!

Winner of 2019 Book of the Month Award!  

Finalist for the 2019 Book of the Year!

Forever, Lately

A Regency Time Travel Romance

Can true love triumph over time?
Readers' Favorite Book Award
Book of the year finalist

“A writer of historical fiction travels back in time—and into the world of her characters. An enjoyable and dramatic era-spanning love story.”



Linore  Rose Burkard
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ABOUT ME (The "Unofficial" Bio)

Linore Rose Burkard

When I held my first library book in my hands at a tender young age, a new world of awesome opened for me. Books weren't just wonderfully fun or interesting, they were magical! Two things struck my childish brain as immutable: first, the hard-to-pronounce author names on book covers could not, I was sure, belong to mere mortals; no, these must be a special order of being, word magicians, creatures of amazing capacity, not subject to mundane living like the rest of us. 

Second, I could never be one of them.


I was wrong on both counts. Not only are authors mere fallen creatures like the rest of us who do laundry and scrub dishes and floors and bathrooms, but I am one myself (in case you needed further proof of their fallability). 


Only one of my earliest impressions as a reader hasn't changed: I still think books are magical, or should be. This pertains primarily to fiction, of course. When I come across such a one in my reading, a treasure hiding between two covers, I store it in my library (the most valuable room a house can hold) so I can open it, get lost in it, and admire its beauty again another time.  

As a writer, I strive to bring this magic, the best of bookish escape, to my readers. It is my great honor to have written books that many readers assure me have hit that sweet spot for them. Getting lost in the world of a book- not just any world, but one you delight to visit-is one of life's great pleasures, and if it is my small contribution to the world as a writer to do merely that, to provide wholesome, immersive escape to readers, (however so many or few) I embrace the calling.  

Because it is a calling, most of my books are inspirational with a Christian world-view. Some are clean and sweet but not overtly religious. Either way, it is my faith in Jesus Christ that moved me to write my first published novel and which has motivated me to write to this day.  

 If you're still with me and want to read my short (ahem: "official") bio.,  please click below.  

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I would read anything Linore Burkard writes. It takes a great author to write so well in multiple genres, and this Regency time travel is a great addition to Linore's other works, including a Christian Regency series and her heart stopping dystopian trilogy. This is an author you don't want to miss! 

Jamie Dinnison, Reviewer

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