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Quality Street

Annotated Edition, including: Foreword and Commentary, Clickable Table of Contents, Clickable illustrations
and a Glossary

Discover the delightful world of J.M. Barrie's Regency England in this little known play.
Barrieis most well-known for his Peter Pan stories but he authored many other works, including this little gem set in the Regency. He employs a generous tongue-in-cheek narrator who, along with Hugh Thomson's exquisite illustrations, gives readers the feel of a novel although it is a play. You'll be transported to a world of wit and charm with a hint of mystery. Follow Miss Phoebe's search for a happily ever after. One almost wants to call it a mix of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice rolled into one. Not to be missed!

Sisters Susan and Phoebe Throssel, sweet lambs, live quietly respectable lives on unpretentious Quality Street, but Miss Phoebe has hopes of marriage with "V.B." (whose name she hardly dare mention). A proposal seems imminent, but, unbeknownst to her, Mr. Valentine Brown has enlisted in His Majesty's service to fight Napoleon, 'the Corsican ogre.' Phoebe's over-sensitivity, coupled with Brown's lack of persipience, sets the stage for the antics that follow, where Phoebe learns the depths of her true nature, and both learn what love really is.

From the Foreword by Linore Rose Burkard:
"As an historical romance author deeply interested in the Regency, I was elated to stumble upon this work and determined, after enjoying it, to help others do so." Readers of historical romance, Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde will love this little beauty!


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