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A Stand-Alone Romantic Novel of Regency England.

"Whoa. This is a Dickensian Regency that will have you learning as you laugh, wonder, and swoon with the story."
Becky Lewis, VINE VOICE

Respectability was all she needed to win his heart…and precisely what she lacked.

Miss Frances Fanshawe’s past is shrouded in mystery. Raised genteelly as an heiress, she is forced to question everything after her mother dies and leaves her with only a clue to the money. Unless she can locate her father or otherwise prove her heritage, not only the fortune but her very respectability is at stake.

In line for a baronetcy, Sebastian Arundell has no time for sorting out questionable tangles for young women with dubious histories. No matter if they are young, appealing, and have eyes to melt a man’s heart. But when he learns other people are after Frannie’s supposed fortune, he is drawn to investigate. As the search deepens, Frannie falls in love with handsome, proper Sebastian. But if it only proves she's an illegitimate pauper—will all hope to win his heart be lost?

"Burkard's tale is off and running with Frannie's future hanging in the balance. Readers of Burkard know she immerses you in the Regency. She writes with relaxed panache, and the comic moments, of which there are plenty, will make you laugh out loud."
L.K. Simonds, Author, All In

"The sweet romance! Call it exquisite torture. I waited breathlessly, chapter after chapter (stolen glance after stolen glance), for the "wake up" moment, until I reached the end and... *sigh*'ll just have to read it for yourself."
Nicole Sager, Author, Arcrea

"This plot reminded me very much of a Georgette Heyer novel, and I couldn't put it down until the conflict was resolved...Words fail me as to how much I loved Sebastian's character. If only he was real...!"
Brittany A. Searfoss, Reviewer

"A refreshingly clean Regency romance, complete with an antagonist you LOVE to hate. A delight from beginning to end. The only drawback was that in ended too soon!"
R. Kaye, Reviewer

"I found myself coming to the defense of young Miss Fanshawe several times. Talk about placing yourself in a story. I was there!"
Judith Blevins, Reviewer

"Quite the tangle! If you are looking for a good, clean, intriguing, regency romance, look no further."
Deb Mitchell, Reviewer

"Loved it!! ...Hooks you on the first page. It has just enough twist and turns to keep you turning the pages. This book was an absolutely joy to read."
Ann Ferri, Reviewer

"The story captures from the beginning and holds the reader throughout...Watching the gradual defrosting of (the hero's) heart through to the final scenes was very well scripted. I think this was the first time I have ever uttered "Awh..." while reading!"
AM Daniele, Reviewer

Miss Fanshawe's Fortune

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